Experience fresh, crisp salads, savory meats and fish, delicious pasta, zesty sandwiches, flavor-packed potatoes, and more with a simple dash or two of our unique dressing!

Select the best foods for your table,
And be careful how you dress them!

Just Six Simple Ingredients:

Olive Oil (extra virgin, first cold pressed),
Canola Oil (non-GMO, never heated),
Lemon Juice (from frozen concentrate, no preservatives),
Garlic (minced, no preservatives)
Sea Salt
Spices (savory, not hot; imagine a touch of mint).

Our Story

Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt... at least 16 countries border on the Mediterranean Sea. The shared traditional cuisine of these countries builds on the healthy basics of fresh garden vegetables, flavorful herbs and spices, and most importantly olive oil.

Sito's Mediterranean Dressing emerges from that tradtion and brings it forward to your table. The word Sito means 'Grandmother,' and so our name is meant to evoke and pay homage to all those grandmothers who kept these culunary traditions alive through their cooking, teaching, and presiding at the family table over generations. Our Mediterranean Dressing is our family's unique version of a recipe handed down through the ages, a recipe that has satisfied patrons of Khalil's Restaurant in Pittsburgh for over 40 years. Now you can add centuries of healthy tradition to your table, and add a splash of the Mediterranean diet to everything from salads to baked fish, pasta, sandwiches, grilled vegetables, and more.

In fact, we wrote a cookbook to highlight the uses of the dressing, but also to illustrate how the hustle of the modern world does not have to exclude good eating. Our titles says it all 15 Minute Mediterranean Meals. so, yes, you can eat well, at home, on the fly in less time than it takes to get to the local fast-foot joint (and probably for less money too)

Of course, it's not only about what you eat, but how you eat it, where you eat it, with whom you eat it and so forth. Throught the ages, relgious traditions have often been focused on what to eat and when to eat it. For insights on how to make your eating more spiritual, consider Rita Madden's book Food, Faith and Fasting A Sacred Journey to Better Health.

The social component of eating is also extremely important. In the traditions of those living around the Mediterranean Sea, every meal becomes a joyous gathering, a delicious celebration, a contest of mirth and generosity, and a chance to show off and enjoy family culinary secrets. We invite you to continue these traditions with our delicious, homemade, Mediterranean Dressing - made with 100% extra virgin olive oil - and turn your next meal into a happy gathering of family and friends!

For information on the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet, see the Mayo Clinics Article on the Mediterranean diet.

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